Say goodbye to InfoPath in 3 easy steps

Forms for everyone on any device

The Problem

For years organizations across the globe have used InfoPath for capturing data from their users. InfoPath is quite a complex application and requires a significant amount of knowledge and experience to use correctly. In our experience we have found that a form is never really just a form but in reality it generally includes some associated business process and some level of security and reporting. Despite its widespread use InfoPath lacks some basic features including:

  • Form versioning
  • Form workflow
  • Commenting mechanism
  • Linked data (parent child relationships)

Microsoft have announced that there will be no new versions of InfoPath, there’s been no update since 2013.

The Solution

Rencore and Sintel have teamed up to create an offering for organizations who are looking to move away from InfoPath to a more modern solution with the types of features users expect. Through our partnership you can use our products (Rencore Platform and Sintel Forms) to remove your reliance on InfoPath and move to a more modern solution that has been built from the ground up for Office 365.

About Rencore Platform

Rencore’s modernization and migration tool Rencore Platform, helps you discover all InfoPath forms within your SharePoint farm. You can then decide which ones you want to migrate to Sintel Forms and Rencore Platform will automatically generate the replacement templates for you.

About Sintel Forms

Simply the most cost-effective and feature rich SharePoint application to replace InfoPath. It contains a powerful but easy to use forms designer providing a WYSIWYG interface that permits you to configure customized form layouts. The designer also provides a workflow and rules engine giving you the ability to configure complex workflow or logic in a matter of minutes.

How it works

Install and Run Rencore Platform

This identifies all the InfoPath forms used on your SharePoint farm that you can migrate

Download the form template

Rencore Platform will auto-generate templates that can be imported into Sintel Forms

Import the template into your new site

Launch the Sintel Forms App in your new site and import the form template

That’s it you are ready to use your new form!


Benefits of Rencore Platform

  • Discover what has been customized on your SharePoint farm
  • Quickly find all your InfoPath forms
  • Identify and eliminate non-compliant code and customizations
  • Auto-generate Sintel Form templates from existing InfoPath forms
  • Save a huge amount of time and migrate forms in minutes

Benefits of Sintel Forms

  • Customizable layouts with sections and tabs
  • Built-in Logic, workflow, calculated fields & formulas
  • PDF Export & Ink Signatures
  • Responsive design for tablets and smartphones
  • Sintel Forms Mobile app with offline forms

About us

We are a software company providing solutions essential to successfully operating SharePoint on-premises and online and migrating to the cloud. To achieve this, we focus on the three pillars of a healthy SharePoint environment: Governance, Transformation and Risk Prevention.

We have vast experience in the design and implementation of SharePoint based solutions. We specialize on SharePoint and Office 365 and our client base spans across a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals, medical device and manufacturing to tourism, energy and the public sector.

What our Clients say about us

From AppSource

I’ve been using Sintel forms now for a number of years and it adds amazing functionality to Sharepoint. I’ve designed forms, lists and site pages for a 100+ dept in a large multinational pharmaceutical company.
We rely on the benefits it brings -daily. It is my go to tool for Sharepoint- every time. Customization, email notifications, workflows to name a few all add functionality to Sharepoint that we could not do without.

Sintel as customer support have always been prompt, professional and at hand to help – often going above and beyond and at short notice. Sintel forms simply brings sharepoint to life, enabling end users and admins to do more than any other forms product available.

Sintel also continue to listen to feed back – develop and refine I can’t recommend this enough. 5 Star Rating.


Great product, even better service!! Sintel Forms is a fantastic product that replaces InfoPath clunkiness and complexities in superb fashion. No client-side software required, intuitive UI, robust workflow engine, and highly configurable logic.

Support is excellent and responsive! Prompt and professional. I highly recommend this product. Keep up the good work Sintel team!!!!!


An extremely useful and efficient app. Key positives include: it does not require any client side software installation; it can be configured for new or existing SharePoint lists and is extremely quick; no knowledge of coding is required; great back-up support. Highly recommend.


I am very much satisified with the customer service provided from all the professionals that assisted me with the issue. I felt like a very special customer and the professionalism exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much!


I’ve been trying to find a forms tool replacement for InfoPath and Sintel is the best I’ve found. The forms functionality meets our business requirements and they are still adding MORE FEATURES! I like how they have a flat fee subscription for unlimited forms and workflow and I am impressed mostly of their customer service! Not only that they know their stuff but they are also VERY RESPONSIVE regardless of the time difference (US and Ireland). Keep up the good work Sintel team!!!!!


Standard SharePoint forms leave something to be desired, especially when it comes to building in logic and customizing the layout. One of my acid tests for any form-building product is to see how it handles parent-child data (for example invoice and invoice line items). Once SharePoint lists are setup, you can configure and deploy a form, with logic and basic workflow in only a few minutes. Parent and child data is handled with ease (but only one level deep).

One the most awesome features of Sintel is the ability to inject whichever custom JavaScript you want into the Sintel form – so if the Sintel form doesn’t do it out of the box, it is fairly straightforward to add it in yourself.

I contacted Sintel a few times with what I considered to be bugs, or to request features – and all were sorted out within a few days. Sintel is a great product to produce SharePoint forms with a bit of complexity to them.


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